Holy Ghost Parish, Makurdi

Ghost Parish Makurdi, the First Parish and Cathedral of the then Makurdi
Diocese was established in the year 1929 by the German Holy Ghost Priests. Its
initial church building was built that same year of its establishment alongside
the Holy Ghost Nursery and Primary School which is still functional and a rest
house and also a house for the catechist, Christopher llobi, the first
catechist of the parish.

Towards a 21st Century Pastoral Community

In the last three years there has been a purposeful and vision driven pastoral initiative to raise the standard of Holy Ghost as a pastoral community of the 21st century culminating with the First Parish General Assembly from October 17 to 23, 2020. The fruits of the discussions anchored on the theme: “Rejoice and be glad for your reward will be great in heaven, (Matt.5:12) Holy Ghost Parish in the 21st century” will be put to test in the next years as the parish looks forward to her centenary in 2030. The opening ceremony was presided over by Bishop Wilfred C. ANAGBE Cmf of Makurdi Diocese and was assisted by the parish priest and priests of the deanery.

In 2018, precisely in December, we had to replace the roof tops of both the Church and the Father’s House after nearly 87 years. We had to carry out repairs on the Church itself, and transformed the Sanctuary with 3D Holy Paintings and the walls of the Church with Holy Paintings of Apostles and Saints.

In 2019 we began the restoration of the First Church of Holy Ghost 1926-1929 still standing behind the parish premises. For years it was abandoned and neglected and cult members and criminals took over the building. We have spent good money on the restoration but still far from over. The old Church is a symbol of missionary sacrifice, a historical site, a tourist attraction monument and an archeological heritage. 

Early 2019 saw us replanting trees around the compound and they have already started creating the ecological atmosphere that will enhance clean air and peaceful environment for prayer.

We have the Catechist’s office in the centre of the parish to emphasize the role catechesis will play in the spiritual life of parishioners. We have new buildings for meetings, stores and improved security surveillance room.

There are many societies or pious organizations in the parish that provide spiritual nourishment among the registered adult parishioners and many unregistered children. The Parish Handbook contains the various groups, commissions and activities that comprise the pastoral life.

Past Parish Priests of Holy Ghost Parish Makurdi from 1930 to 2020

Several priests have worked in the parish both as cathedral administrators including the first indigenous Tiv priest Revd Fr. James Akor and also as Parish Priests. Listed below are their names from the creation of the parish to date; Revd Fr. Kristen CSSp 1930-1934, Revd Fr. Winterle CSSp 1930-1934, Revd Fr. Blass CSSp 1934-1937, Revd Fr. Becker Cssp 1937,Revd Fr. Haurger CSSp 1937-1940, Revd Fr. Carraw CSSp, Revd Fr. D.J Murray CSSp 1940-1949, Revd Fr. Jones CSSp, Revd Fr. Duxbury CSSp,     1956-1958, Revd Fr. O’ Donell Cssp 1966-1968, Revd Fr. Friery CSSp 1965-1968, Revd Fr. John Beirne CSSp 1966-1968, Revd Fr. John Barin Cssp, Revd Fr. J.V Taylor CSSp, 1963-1977, Revd Fr. Bob Shee woods CSSp 1978, Revd Fr. D.B. Finerty CSSp 1973-1974,Revd Fr. Patrick Tunner CSSp, Revd Fr. Bockerdick CSSp, Revd Fr. P. Brady CSSp, Revd Fr. James Akor 1971, Revd Fr. Stephen Beba 1978-1985, Revd Fr. Moses Orhungur 1980, Revd Fr. Benjamin Adzor 1980-1982, Revd Fr. Moses Adasu 1980-1986,Revd Fr. Athanasius Atule Usuh 1986-1988, Revd Fr. Richard Tule 1988-1992, Revd Fr. Ambrose Amue 1992-1994,Revd Fr. Emmanuel Udu 1994-1998, Revd Fr. Michael Ajekwe 1998-1999, Revd Fr. Lawrence Uvah 1999-2000, Revd Fr. Richard Tule , 2000-2011, Revd Fr.          Adolphus Ikuluke 2011-2017, Revd Fr. Dr. Moses Aondover IORAPUU 20th October, 2017 – till date and assisted by Father Tamen Emmanuel Vc. Later Fr. Peter Apagher came as an assistant 2021. Fr. Jacob Atsenekar VC would however replace Fr. Peter Apagher in September 2021 as the associate pastor. Fr. Moses Iorshamber VC in residence. 

There were other priests who worked in here as assistant parish priests, priests in residence and some were acting parish priests for a brief period, such as Fathers Clement Mato, Samuel          Tumba, Thaddeus Ikor , Vitalis Torwel, Isaac Dugu, Paschal Kumaga, Emmanuel Agbiase, Benjamin Adaga, Victor Uvihi, Godwin Tyaegher,  the late Dominic Kwagh, Emmanuel Ikyo and          Peter Gbulum.

Holy Ghost Parish has plenty of Children and they have to return to her part of what she gave them.



Most. Rev. Dr. Wilfred Chikpa Anagbe Cmf


Rev. Fr. Dr. Moses IORAPUU


Fr. Jacob Atsehekaa VC


Fr. Moses Iorshamber VC





Holy Ghost Parish Makurdi


ACC NO: 0025482953


Tuesday - Friday

8:30am - 12:30pm &

4:30pm - 6:00pm


Priests are available all the time


Every last Saturday of the month


5:00am (English)

6:00am (English)

7:00am (Idoma,Igala/Igede)

9:00am (Tiv)

11:00am (English)

6:00pm (English/Ibo)

Benediction/Rosary: 5:00pm


St. Joseph Technical School around water board 

8:00am (English)


4:30pm (Saturdays)


6:15am: Morning

(Monday - Friday)

12 noon: (Monday - Friday)

7.00am: Saturdays

6:00pm: Monday - Friday


Diocese web site: www.cdmakurdi.org 

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